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GALENA - for Slope Stability Analyses, on Earth & beyond


We are pleased to have many of the world’s largest and leading mining companies, engineering consultants and major centres of mining education and knowledge as GALENA users - a brief selection of some of our users includes:

Mining companies:

  • Adaro Indonesia
  • Anglo American
  • Arutmin Indonesia
  • Ashanti Gold
  • BHP Billiton
  • ChevronTexaco (USA)
  • Energy Resources (Mongolia)
  • ExxonMobil (USA)
  • Freeport Indonesia
  • Glencore
  • Imerys Minerals
  • Kaltim Prima Coal
  • Kovdorskij Gok (Russia)
  • Kumba Resources
  • KWB Belchatów (Poland)
  • Mongolian Mining Corp.
  • Minas De La Alta Pimeria
  • North American Coal Co.
  • Peabody Energy
  • Ok Tedi Mining
  • Polymetal (Russia)
  • Polyus Gold (Russia)
  • Rio Tinto
  • Solid Energy
  • Southern Peru Copper
  • Thiess Mining
  • Vale Australia
  • Volcan Compañía Minera
  • Yancoal Australia


  • Aker Kvaerner
  • AMC Consultants
  • Buckeye Mineral Services (USA)
  • Bunji Consultants (Pakistan)
  • Chazen Group (USA)
  • Coffey Mining (Aust & UK)
  • Digby Wells & Assoc.
  • Douglas Partners
  • GeoConsult (Greece)
  • GeoTek Solutions
  • Giproruda (Russia)
  • Golder Associates
  • Greystone Environmental
  • Hatch Consulting
  • Karzulovic & Asociados (Chile)
  • Mining One Consultants
  • National Institute if Rock Mechanics (India)
  • Parsons Brinckerhoff
  • Pells Sullivan Meynink
  • ProGiG (Poland)
  • Sherwood Geotechnical
  • St Petersburg Mining Institute
  • Structerre Consulting
  • Sweco Hydroprojekt (Poland)
  • Tata Consulting (India)
  • Terra Engineers (USA)
  • Terra Geological (UK)
  • Tetra Tech WEI (Canada)

Universities & Authorities:

  • BC Hydro & Power (Canada)
  • British Geological Survey
  • California Dept. of Conservation
  • Central Mining Research (India)
  • CFE (Mexico)
  • Health and Safety Executive (UK)
  • Indian Bureau of Mines
  • Indian Institute of Technology
  • Inst of Geoscience and Minerals (Korea)
  • King County Transportation
  • Manipur University
  • Old Dominion University
  • Penn State University
  • Polish Geological Institute
  • Russian Institute of Mining Geomechanics
  • Saudi Geological Survey
  • Seoul National University
  • Université d'Artois
  • University of Durham
  • University of Kuwait
  • University of KwaZulu-Natal
  • University of New South Wales
  • US Geological Survey
  • US Office of Surface Mining
  • Virginia Dept. of Transportation
  • WA Dept of Mines
  • WA School of Mines (Curtin Uni)
  • Washington University
  • Wollongong University


GALENA was reviewed by the US Office of Surface Mining, and in 2000 they chose GALENA as their Official Slope Stability Analysis program.  During 2001/2002 GALENA was made available to Federal and State authorities, and the Indian Nations, on their 700-strong workstation network across 24 States in continental USA, and in 2003 OSM increased the Licence ‘seats’ or available copies by 50%.

GALENA was also reviewed by the US Mine Health and Safety Authority, and they indicated to us that they prefer GALENA to all other slope stability software.

GALENA was selected by the United Nations Development Program for the Mongolian Technical University in Ulaan Baatar for training and establishment of a consultancy for Mongolia's growing mining and engineering fields.

GALENA is now in use in 74 countries around the world.

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